5 – The Tortle and The Eel

A Tortle cleric wakes with an eel stuck in its nose and alone must unravel the truth behind his horrifying affliction. Based on the 2018 viral photo of a seal with an eel stuck in its nose.

4 – Swordfight at the OK Corral

Four pawns are split into teams that clash in a D&D adaptation of the 1881 Gunfight at the OK Corral involving Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Pawns: Jordan, Devin, Siggy, Parker.

3 – Half-Elf Escape from Alcatraz Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2: Half-Elf, Half-Dwarf brothers Jerkin Silkbottom and Levi Ironbottom made waves on their first day in prison. Will the Bottom Boys make their escape on day 2?

2 – Half-Elf Escape from Alcatraz Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2: Based on the incredible true story of the Anglin brothers, who may or may not have escaped from Alcatraz, a pair of Half-Elf, Half-Dwarf brothers attempt to abscond from a towering magical prison. Pawns: Jordan, Devin.

1 – Gnomish Soccer Team Rescue

In the pilot episode of Headline to Table, Dungeon Master West adapts the story of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave into a campaign about rescuing a gnomish mining expedition. Pawns: Jordan.

09 – Cinamorous: Akira

In the eighth episode of “Cinamorous”, Christopher and Paul melt into a single, throbbing mass of ideas for date nights and intimate explorations, along with some love advice, based on the anime classic “Akira”.

08 – Cinamorous: Cobra

In the seventh episode of “Cinamorous”, Christopher and Paul lay down the law with their divergent ideas about the movie “Cobra” and how it influenced their ideas for dates, relationship advice, and boudoir shenanigans.

07 – Cinamorous: The Lost Boys

In the sixth episode of “Cinamorous”, Christopher and Paul sink their teeth into elaborate date nights, date frights, love lights, and bedroom delights based on “The Lost Boys”.

06 – Cinamorous: American Flyers

In the fifth episode of “Cinamorous”, Christopher and Paul put on their cycling jerseys and race toward dates, love advice, and intimate designs based on “American Flyers”.