8 – Half-Orc Rasputin Assassination

Two Half-Orc cousins, a hermit and a sailor, are tasked with assassinating a false Holy Orc as he attempts to seize religious control of their families’ village. Will Shanty Seabreeze and Khan stop the charlatan Racumin before it’s too late? Based on the death of Grigori Rasputin.

2 Responses to “8 – Half-Orc Rasputin Assassination”

  1. i’m confused why that would prevent you from critting with sneak attack. or perhaps you think he was sneak attacking on the off hand? he wasn’t. 6 base on the short sword (no attribute bonus), doubled to 6 for the critical hit from being an assassin, then roll an extra die on the crit for being a half-orc is 6 damage on the off-hand attack. add that on to the 6 + 2 from the main hand (which gets to add dex to damage) and then add 6 sneak attack dice and you get 6+2 damage (except, as noted, you should probably get 6+2 because your sneak attack dice should also be doubled on a crit).

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