15 – The Iron Codpiece vs The Bearded Lady

It’s the twentieth year of a bloody Dwarven civil war and the two sides decide to hold wargames during an uneasy truce. What could go wrong? Based on the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack from the American Civil War.

13 – Bard PCP Party

It’s closing night of their wildly successful play and a group of Bards become trapped at a deadly, hallucination-fueled afterparty. Based on the 1996 mass PCP-dosing of the Titanic wrap party.

10 – Minisode – Simic Hyrbid Rover

An elderly member of the Gray Hawks, an order responsible for exploring and defending a treacherous mountain range, faces one last task before passing into the afterlife. Based on the Mars Rover Opportunity.

9 – Half-Elf Escape from Alcatraz Pt. 3

In this epilogue to a prior campaign, the surviving Bottom Brother, Levi Ironbottom, is given a chance to escape from the magical prison of Alcatraz once and for all.

8 – Half-Orc Rasputin Assassination

Two Half-Orc cousins, a hermit and a sailor, are tasked with assassinating a false Holy Orc as he attempts to seize religious control of their families’ village. Will Shanty Seabreeze and Khan stop the charlatan Racumin before it’s too late? Based on the death of Grigori Rasputin.

7 – Minisode – Pan Flute Academy Admission Scandal

A High Elf Bard must infiltrate the Dragomir Pan Flute Academy and forge credentials for her untalented son after telling an elaborate lie to her more famous friends. Based on the college admissions bribery scandal of 2019.

6 – Keebler Forest Siege

The Keebler Forest has been home to an Elven stronghold and a source of magical tree sap for thousands of years. Can an arrogant ranger and his hallucinating druid sister defend it? Based on the reported sale of the Keebler brand by the Kellogg Company.